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Red Cinnabar Chantarelle's?


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Have these growing in my yard. Under/around a crabapple and some oak trees. Growing out of the grass. I have tentatively id'd them as red cinnabar chantarelle's. I want to be sure before I try eating them.

I attempted to make a spore print, cutting off the stems and putting several on a white piece of paper covered by a glass. After several days I didn't see any noticeable print.

I have a microscope and so placed one of the caps over a slide and tapped it several times. At about 150x magnification I see clear oblong spores (I guess) so I'm assuming that these are what I was looking for?

Here's what they look like:

Thanks for any help (I'm not eating them until I know for sure!)



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OK... Had some fresh small ones growing out back again. Just sauteed them with some butter. Not bad. Left one in a small ziplock in the fridge for the coroner should things go awry...

Cool. My first wild mushroom consumption!

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