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Pale yellow amanita?

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Found on ground of hemlock/yellow birch/maple forest in central WI last week. Lots of rain.

Volva at base, looks like partial veil remnants on gills. No ring apparent on stem. Perhaps remnants of warts on cap? 

White spore print.

The color and shape doesn't seem to fit any of the amanitas in central WI. Some help would be appreciated.







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The lack of a ring on the stalk, the central umbo, and the marginal striations point toward section Vaginatae, but the base of the stem seems too bulbous for species in this section. Also, the basal volva looks to be more rimmed/limbate than membranous.

So, I think this represents a taxon from section Amanita. Amanita albocreata is a species from section Amanita that lacks a partial veil (annulus), but the umbo is wrong for albocreata. There are a few yellowish-capped species housed in section Amanita that have partial veil that typically either does not form a ring or forms a ring that drops off soon after the cap expands. But most of these types also lack the central umbo on the cap. Here's a guess. There's a taxon that Rod Tulloss continues to list as "Amanita sp-S01", which he says is a candidate for what had once been named Amanita russuloides. The description of the cap includes "...sometimes markedly umbonate."    http://www.amanitaceae.org/?Amanita+sp-S01  

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