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Found this while hunting chanterelles in FL panhandle

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Found this cool looking orange mushroom that is chanterelle or trumpet mushroom like. On the forest floor with pines, oaks, cypress, tupelo, magnolia etc around. Is this some kind of chanterelle or trumpet mushroom? All clumped together at the base. Smooth pore surface. The mottling seen there I believe is insect damage. Vibrant orange. More so than many of the chanterelles I found. What is this awesome looking feller?





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Key is, does it have rubbery like ridges that look like gills but won’t rub of?  If so, I’d say chanterelles.  If it has actual gills you and break off, then I’d say jack-o lantern. I can’t see that from the pics.

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Looks like Cajun has nailed the ID. Note that a distinctive feature of Craterellus odoratus is that the hymenium --ie. fertile surface, underside-- is composed of neither gills nor pseudogills (veins/folds). The underside of C. odoratus is either smooth or virtually smooth. This trait causes C. odoratus to possibly be confused with Cantharellus lateritius or Cantharellus confluens. Mushroom Expert mentions the former but fails to mention the latter, which to my eye looks a lot like Craterellus odoratus.    http://www.mushroomexpert.com/cantharellus_confluens.html    I think the best way to determine the difference is that Cantharellus confluens --a true chanterelle-- is more robust/meaty than Craterellus odoratus. To my knowledge there are no toxic species in genus Craterellus, although I'm not sure if C. odoratus is widely consumed. 

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Thanks y'all! I believe you are correct. Really cool find. First time seeing that one. Really wish I could find some black trumpet though too. Did find bunches of the smooth and regular chants. Some rather large ones this year. Also lots of the little guys from my other post. I often find another orange type craterellus but they aren't in a big bunch like this one. Webby looking ridges on the underside of the caps. A bit vased shaped and a bit hollow right at the vase area inside. All good table fare for sure. 

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