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Howdy from the high dessert of Oregon …

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Howdy to all,

I am a ranch wife in eastern Oregon in the high dessert. Nice to meet y’all. My husband and I manage a large cattle ranch and enjoy the outdoors. The Last few years, I have found many things on the ranch to forage and learning what the plants are and weather they are edible/medicinal and what the Native Americans ate and healed themselves in the 1800’s in this valley. I have been broadening my horizons on hunting mushrooms. My favorite are morels. But I am S L O W L Y … learning about other editable, medicinals and poisonous ones as well. Yesterday we found what we thought was a puffball. I was excited as I brought it home for supper as I have had them before. Knowing there are a few different editable species, I cut it open and found that only 3/4 of it was solid. I no longer felt confident that was the correct ID so I went to look up on line and could not find anything about a puffball being hollow inside- just knew that it should be solid. So I am not sure ID’ed it correctly but rendered it poisonous so I threw the dozen eggs that I had mixed them with (still raw), flushed it down the toilet. So that is what lead me here to learn more on ID’ing correct. FYI; I dont eat any mushroom unless I KNOW 100% without a doubt of what it is. Here is a photos of what I THOUGHT was a puffball … 




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I believe what you had was a true puff ball. Looks like there may have been a bug eating out the inside. Or just an abnormal growth with the hole inside 

Bummer.  But hey you ever hear the old saying???? That there are only two types of mushroom hunters. There are the old mushroom hunters and there are the bold mushroom hunters…. But there are no old bold mushroom hunters

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