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Help identify please Found in my garden 4 or five

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 these mushrooms are growing in my garden out of nowhere. I have been keeping it pretty moist just because I wanted the flowers and vegetables to take root. No odors I did use steer manure when it first planting everything in the garden. one picture is right after I picked it about 5 minutes.  The other one is one still alive in the garden. All look the same. that picked one looked exactly the same but it turned darker after I picked it. the stem and everything else look pure White beforehand even the girls underneath look pure white. Do I need to let them grow for a bit longer so they develop more characteristics? Any help is appreciated. the darker color goes from lighter brown to darker brown, only after picked I noticed the color.




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  • Sammyp92 changed the title to Help identify please Found in my garden 4 or five

Mica caps.  Probably growing on buried wood.  Should break down to a black inky substance.  They are in the family known as inky caps.  Perfectly safe and usually come up in clusters.

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Species of Coprinellus, one of which is C. micaceus (Mica Caps). The one seen here nay be this species. Coprinellus mushrooms do not always turn into an inky substance. In dry weather they may just dehydrate and shrivel.

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Species of mushrooms in the Coprinellus micaceus group are safe to cook and eat. In general, I don't know any Coprinellus species that are toxic. One thing to consider is that a beginner may misidentify a Coprinopsis mushroom as Coprinellus. At least some Coprinopsis species will cause illness if consumed before, during, or after alcohol is consumed.   http://www.mushroomexpert.com/coprinopsis_atramentaria.html

It is your decision whether or not to consume a given collection of wild mushrooms. My advise is to acquire a general knowledge of the wild mushrooms that are apt to occur in your area. There's a mushroom club in Colorado that would be helpful  https://cmsweb.org/about/

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