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What type of mushroom is this ?

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The large mushrooms appearing to be growing on the ground are actually growing from buried wood, probably roots. They are a type of polypore, ie. no gills on the underside. Rather the down surface is composed of pores, probably very small pores. So, the surface may just appear to be smooth. But with minor magnification you should see te very small poles (possibly only the size of pinpricks). These look like some species of Ganoderma, but not one that grows up here in PA. I did a little checking and here's what I found.



Looks like Ganoderma zonatum is a good possibility. If it's growing on palm, then that's very likely what it is. 

The clusters of smaller mushrooms on/near the log look like a species of either Panus of Lentinus. Some species have been shuffled back and forth between these two genera (genuses). I think the ones seen here may be Lentinus crinitus. This type mushroom is generally hairy, as seen in the link below. Looks like the photos posted here by Shroomie show old specimens with the hairs all matted down onto the cap surfaces. If correct, the undersides of these will have gills.   https://www.texasmushrooms.org/en/lentinus_crinitus.htm

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