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ID help with forest mushroom

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These don't have a strong smell, I'd say the large gills are notched, and they peel very easily from the cap, they also have a flimsy "fish gill" type of texture. The stem is extremely fibrous, "string cheese" texture -- if your string cheese happens to be very very tough. Although I think these are all the same species, we actually found the first ones growing on a severely rotted white birch log, and the second on a heavily rotted red maple snag. Pretty gregarious growing. Thanks for any ideas!




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Megacollybia. The most common such species is M. rodmanii. Older field guides use the name Tricholomonpsis platyphylla. Common name is "Platterful Mushroom". Although listed as edible in some guides, most people who try eating it are --at best-- unimpressed. Neither flavor nor texture is rated as being good. And some people are sickened by it. The fibrous stems are likely indigestible. 

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