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Oyster Mushrooms?

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I've always been at kind of curious about mushrooms but have always been scared off by the potential of the poisonous mushrooms. I have absolutely no experience identifying mushrooms. Anyways, I went for a run earlier today and came across several of these mushrooms.

Environment:  I live in the Pacific Northwest and the temperature has been rainy here; it's also been getting hotter and a bit humid, so it's about 60F or so. Found these on a dead tree trunk.

Mushroom:  Doesn't have much of a stem. Gills seem to run down the length of the mushroom. 

I think it's pleurotus ostreatus? I looked it up and I suppose it could also be angel wing mushrooms (pleurocybella porrigens), but from what I read, they grow on coniferous trees - and my friend ID'ed the dead tree trunk as a deciduous tree. Could it be anything else? More importantly - anything else dangerous?







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