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Need ID Please


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These appeared within the last few days. I've been living here for about a year and did not notice anything like this last year. Are these ok or poisonous? They grew very fast. Note, three days passed between these two pictures. Thank you for your help!!




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Thanks. I'll go pick the big one and take more pictures of it. Mostly curious if they're poisonous because I noticed there are more patches of them popping up now, and I have two Border Collies.

This one measures about 4 inches tall and the crown, cap (whatever you call it) is 2.5 inches diameter. The top looks like a tasty dinner roll or something!! I must say, I've never had much interest in mushrooms, but this has piqued my interest. I'm assuming their seeds, spores, whatever, were in the woodchip mulch that the previous owner of the house laid down to make it look nice for sale.





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Species of Agrocybe. The white material clinging to the margin of the upturned cap is the remnant of a partial veil. Sometimes the veil forms a ring on the stalk, other times it clings to the margin as seen here. Agrocybe praecox mushrooms have partial veil, so these may be this species. Although not generally considered to be edible, A. praecox is not known to be toxic. However, if a dog ate several of them then it may experience indigestion. Wild mushrooms growing in an area frequented by a pet dog should be removed. There is no danger in handling wild mushrooms. Wash your hands afterward. 

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