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white web Cort & Lepiota?


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Figure the Cortinarius could be C collinitus or C mucosus, never noticed a white webbed cort before and there were 2 clusters of these robust corts in moss under conifers, The 2nd mushroom which I'm guessing is a small Lepiota was growing on a moss covered stump in conifers with a few small birch, notice the string-like material at the base of the stem.These 2 are rarities up here in the Maritime provinces. Thanks



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Yup, a small Lepiota. Species ID is challenging with these. L, cristata is one type to check. This is probably a complex of closely related species, as macro-traits with this type tend to vary somewhat. I recall finding a small Lepiota growing on wood a few years back. Else Villinga (Lepiota expert) IDed it for me on Mushroom Observer. I forget the name. But I have another suggestion... Lepiota cortinarius.

I don't think the Corts are C. mucosus. This type is slimy, on the cap and the stem. The ones in the photo appear to be dry-capped. Also, mucosus has a partial veil that is very slimy. Quite the same is true of C. collinitus. Cortinarius species --aside from a handful of very distinctive ones-- are very difficult to ID. There are hundreds of species documented in NA, and probably others that are undocumented.

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Thanks Dave W, Yes the cort caps were dry so this one will probably remain a mystery. I looked on a Canadian site earlier tonight at the List of around 12 Lepiota mushrooms and the one you mention Lepiota cortinarius seemed to resemble my collection best. thanks again

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