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Oregon Mushroom (etc) forager new member introduction


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Hi! I’m Randi but Call me Ran on here. Just joined. Been an on and off forager for many years. I was a member of Oregon Mycological Society in Multnomah County for a year but Job and health issues as well as a bit of social anxiety, unfortunately kept me from attending anything. Like my fishing I’m not all that successful but I am highly determined and I don’t give up. Although I now have to use a walker to take my gear in and sit a lot due to arthritis in my spine I still do what I can. Occasionally discouraged, sometimes frustrated, sometimes calling God on the carpet for not helping me be successful at getting good fish or a nice patch of edible mushrooms or a great patch of wild blackberries, huckleberries, or great rocks when I am rock hunting. (He is laughing at me I am sure) and praising Him when I have a small success. I have been a RN for 35 + years but can no longer do that due to health issues. I am very creative and love painting, drawing, crafting, photography, I have lots of hobbies, oh and I love Horses! I grew up with them though I Haven’t ridden in years and sold my last horse in my early thirties. Thats me in a nutshell. 

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Welcome from PA!  Understand the love for horses.  We have a Belgian and a Welch who both pull carriages, which is a lot easier on you than riding.  
It will be interesting to see what you find, as I’m sure some will be different that we find here.

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