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A few boletes from my afternoon walk.

John Smalldridge

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Until I get my bolete guide and spend some time getting to know it, I'll have to get some help from the forum. It amazes me how many boletes look superficially simular. All these were found under oak

The first one I'm waiting on a spore print. This one was just barely bitter tasting and could have just been my imagination.




The next one was surprising in how dark blue the staining was. This one actually tasted sour / lemony. I am waiting on a spore print. Notice the red base to the stem.






This last one had a dark brown spore print.








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The first ones look like Boletus variipes. I think I see reticulations on the upper stem. There are a few similar species... B. atkinsonii, B. reticulatus.

But the following ones are unfamiliar to me. You really seem to have quite a variety of boletes out in NC. The upside of frequent torrential rainfall, I suppose.

I'll take a stab at the blue/black stainer. It reminds me a bit of Boletus pulverulentus, common in PA. I know of a similar species that has a more southern distribution, Boletus oliveisporus. So this may be an example of B. oliveisporus.

Next bolete... maybe B. subglabripes. This type has pale yellow flesh which usually does not stain.

Last one... How would you describe the pore color, John? More on the pink side or more liken yellow? I'm thinking Tylopilus.

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Looking at descriptions of the possible boletus you named above, I believe the first one to be boletus variipes. The second one I believe to be boletus pulverulentus as it was associated with oaks. Boletus oliveisporus seems to be a pine associate. The only problem I have with the description for b.pulverulentus is the sour / lemony taste I experienced. The third one seems to fit boletus subglabripes. Thanks again DaveW for your expert help.

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