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ID help please


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I think this is some type of white-spored mushroom; I doubt Paxillus. Looks like there may be a small remnant of a veil connecting the cap margin to the stem (first photo). The gills look too ragged and widely spaced for Matsutake (Tricholoma magnivelare). Also, Matsutake should have a flaring ring on the stalk. I don't know the PNW mushrooms very well. I checked some sources for Catathelasma species, but those all seem to have decurrent gills and flaring rings.

Maybe this is one of the types I just mentioned... but not a normally developed specimen. Sometimes gills that are attached to the stem break/pull away from the stem. And a ring on an old specimen may erode or become appressed to the stalk.

I'm pretty much stumped by this one.

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The gills in cross-section look thick and waxy, which points toward Hygrophorus. But I know of no Hygrophorus species that features a membraneous partial veil. There are a few with fleeting cortinate veil, but the one seen here appears to feature a mebraneous veil.

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This specimen looks like it could be a fairly old Matsutake, with the ring rubbed off. The strong aroma points to that possibility, but I don't know how to describe the smell. To me it's unmistakable, but I don't know anything else that has a similar aroma. Another characteristic is a hard, tough stem, unless it's riddled with worm holes. What kind of trees were closest to this find? It's called the pine mushroom, but I find them associated with Douglas-Firs primarily.

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