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Found in Mustang, Oklahoma

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I'm needing some help identifying a mushroom that i found growing by itself in some deep leaf litter next to a big pile of cut down trees. It has a 2 cm cap, roughly, and is 3 and a half inches in total height. The stem is about half a cm thick. Spore print is dark brown to almost black. I will post the pictures down below. I am not interested in eating the mushroom per say, my main focus is coming up with my own field guide for here in Oklahoma. I deeply appreciate any help on identifying this mushroom that i can get.

Thank you






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I think this is Candolleomyces candolleanus. If not, then a species of Psathyrella. Until only a few years ago C. candolleanus was placed into genus Psathyrella. Many field guides list it under the old name, Psathyrella candolleana. 

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