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A few to ID


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I don't like to ask for ID unless I have researched them a bit, but unfortunately, the mushrooms here are so new to me that I don't really know where to start, so here are a few from the last week, hope you can point me in the right direction.

A: This guy reminds me of Boletus Fragrans, but the fast blueing on the stem is too intense and fast as compared to those I know. Found in a mainly longleaf pine forest, but with lots of other trees and bushes, such as oaks. Smell was very "Boletty" and taste quite good. No bitterness. No reticulum on the stem and the pores stained intensely blue upon bruising. Same with the exposed flesh after the cut. It was alone.



B: Similar, but not the same. Forgot to taste this one... Cap was pinkinsh. Smell was pleasant.


C: Several of these guys, growing in grass by the pine forest:


Some bluing on the flesh, nowhere near as much as the previous guys. Smell and taste were pleasant


All those were in the Wilmington area.

And from Raleigh area, in mostly hardwood with some pines

D: Oysters growing on a pine log: Sorry, pic is not very good...


E: Nice bolete, good smell, no change of colour upon bruising.




F: Another one...



G: And to finish a nice Stinkhorn



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I think A may be either B. sensibilis or B. pseudosensibilis. Some specimens I have IDed as sensibils showed the pale stalk color like the one seen in A.

Cedric, why do you think B is different than A? B looks a bit old and beat-up. Difficult to get a solid idea from the photos.

I think C may be B. rubroflammeus. The combination of colors, blue staining, and reticulate stalk all match this species.

E may be B. subglabripes. Stalk looks like it's been nibbled a bit. Flesh on subglabripes is pale yellow and either does not stain or does so very slightly.

F seems a good match for B. aurantiosplendens. Overall yellow colors without staining. Reported from NC. Are there thin reticulations on the stalk?

Good idea Cedric, grouping the photos A, B, C, D, E ,F, G.

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Thanks Dave, I will looks at the one you are telling me and be better prepared next time I find some... Sorry for the quality of the pics but I am up to my neck in work and settling down so not really hunting, just taking a pic here and there when I can escape 5 minutes...

Mostly the reason I think A and B were different is bcause the color of the cap is a rich brown in the first, and quite pink in th second, but then again, they could b variations.

Thanks again

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