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Are these toxic?

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First they were growing alongside my house cinder blocks under some damp cardboard, now there are some in my crawl space also along the cinder blocks by damp cardboard. Tried to find pictures and identify them myself but didn’t have any luck. I don’t plan to eat them, I just want to know if skin contact and spores in the air might be harmful. Been wearing an N95 whenever I’m near them.


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I can't quite tell with certainty, but it looks like the undersides do not have gills. Is this correct? It's okay to harvest a few of these in order assess/photograph the undersides. There are very few mushroom species for which handling may cause an adverse skin reaction for some people, and the ones seen here do not look like any such species that comes to my mind. Just to be sure, wash your hands after handling. Also, inhalation of spores is something you should probably try to avoid, although --except for with very few species-- this is generally not considered to constitute a health risk. 

How large are these? The individual caps? Also, do at least some of them have stalks? Perhaps very short stalks? Assuming for the moment the undersides lack either gills or pores (tiny holes) then I think these may be Peziza domiciliana  http://www.mushroomexpert.com/peziza_domiciliana.html . 

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