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Mega Destroying Angel


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It was quite dark at 7 pm this evening as the photos show but this Destroying Angel sure stood out. This mushroom measured 7 inches across the cap and the stem from bottom to hump on the cap was 10 inches plus the stem is also very thick so this must be quite young.

I see the size range for A bisporigera is much smaller would this be A virosa or are there other possible names to fit this one here in NA? thanks




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My understanding is that A. virosa is strictly a European species. This one looks like a really big A. bisporigera... or at least one of the NA species that has gone by this name. The bisporigera group is currently being studied, and it looks like several new species names will soon be applied. To me, the most interesting thing about the Destroying Angel seen here is the appendiculate cap margin... that is, the material hanging from the margin. Looks like it's probably a piece of partial veil (ring) that somehow got stuck to the cap.

This is an interesting find, 1left. You should post it on Mushroom Observer where amanita expert Rod Tulloss will likely see it.

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Posting on M.O. is pretty easy. Sign up for a member login, and then sign in.

Click on "Create an observation"

Start typing a location, it will start autocompleting place names. If your location is

not there, you can either choose something nearby, or type yours in & create it later.

Fill in the species -- this will also autocomplete. If you ONLY want to use a genus,

type it & then "sp." after it for species.

Check the arrow near "Confidence" and indicate how much you agree with your ID

Check "Recognize by sight" or one of the others, you can then type in a comment here,

or below.

Click on BROWSE button to select images to upload, it will bring up a file selection box,

and create another BROWSE button if you want to load more images

Click CREATE and in a few seconds, you're done, but ...

If you've put in an unfamiliar location, it will bring up another screen where

you can search for your location on a map, then it will create it.

You can then select "Your Observations" to the left to see them.

This is the short version, there's more help on the site.

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