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Blue staining bolete

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I'm identifying this as Cyanboletus cyaneitinctus. (could be??) I put it on mushroom observer and Inaturalist. Boletes of Eastern NA has C. purverulentus as being here but Igor Safonov says it does not occur in North America. ??


20210711_121155 (2).jpg



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It has been determined than Cyanoboletus pulverulentus likely does not occur in NA. C. cyaneitinctus is the relatively new name applied to the similar NA species. 

I agree with the Hortiboletuproposal. The red cap and red ornamentation on the stipes are a better fit for genus Hortiboletus. The NA species of Hortiboletus are not well understood; research is ongoing. 

What time of year were these found?

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Photo from 7/11/21. With the corrected identification of Hortiboletus I can see it matches well with mushroomexperts photos of Xerocomellus rubellus. Boletes of Eastern NA show Hortiboletus rubellus being less dramatic in color and ornamentation. Thanks Dave.

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Xerocomellus rubellus probably belongs in genus Hortiboletus, and I think this species will eventually be moved to the latter genus. "Rubellus" is a European species name and it will likely eventually be replaced by some new NA name. For the present, we should consider X. rubellus and H. rubellus as synonyms. 

I submitted two Hortiboletus samples to FunDiS. Discussion of ITS sequences is inconclusive, additional NA submissions are still required before these NA Hortiboletus get straightened out. But, one thing about these two submissions... they appear to represent distinct taxa.  https://mushroomobserver.org/460889?q=1mh52   https://mushroomobserver.org/458368?q=1mh52

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