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ID help request plsssss (pic of stem added)

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  • Dhong changed the title to ID help request plsssss

This looks like one of the small Lepiotas, but we need to see the whole stem, the bottom of the cap, and possibly a spore print to be more certain.

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Some species of small Lepiota mushrooms are dangerously poisonous. The ones seen here in the flower pot look like Lepiota cristata.

The species most commonly found growing in a flower pot is Leucoprinus birnbaumii. This type mushroom is similar to a small Lepiota. In fact L. birnbaumii used to be called Lepiota lutea. The white caps with brown scales seen in this discussion are the wrong color for L. birnbaumii. 

I have seen other examples of what looks like Lepiota cristata growing in a flower pot. 

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Many thanks for the useful reply. Here are some more pics which includes pics of the stem. I have kids around the house and should proceed to remove them.




Photo of the underside of the cap


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  • Dhong changed the title to ID help request plsssss (pic of stem added)

Looking again, I think the striations are too long and too prominent for Lepiota. I think these represent a species of Leucoprinus. Color is wrong for L. birnbaumii. Here's another species that is reported as growing in potting soil  https://www.mycoquebec.org/bas.php?trie=L&l=l&nom=Leucocoprinus ianthinus / Lépiote violette&tag=Leucocoprinus ianthinus&gro=12 . Looks like your mushrooms, Dhong. If they aren't this exact species then I'd say they are something very close. 

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