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LBM ID Request

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Been looking for mushrooms in Tennessee for over two months and besides a pitiful cluster of oysters and dried up polypores this is the first healthy mushroom I have seen. Please let me know why you think there are literally no mushrooms in mid to east tn. and if you’ve ever experienced such an event. Thanks!




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I haven't ever hunted for mushrooms in TN, but my guess is that it's just too early in the season for mushroom diversity there. Places that have winter weather --snow, subfreezing temperatures-- typically get very few wild mushrooms during winter. I just saw my first fresh fruiting of 2022, some Mycena aprilis on an oak log. This species is known to favor chilly weather during early spring. Another that may be out is Tubaria furfuracea, a mulch/woodchip LBM that fruits during winter thaws and early spring. As you pointed out, Pleurotus (Oyster Mushrooms) also sometimes appear during winter thaws... but not so much up here in PA where the winter gets very cold from time to time. 

I think morels should be popping in TN before long (maybe now!). The mushroom seen in your photo is (almost certainly) a species of Psathyrella, probably P. pseudovernalis    http://www.mushroomexpert.com/psathyrella_pseudovernalis.html  . I often find this species while hunting morels. Another similar springtime species is P. spadiceogrisea   http://www.mushroomexpert.com/psathyrella_spadiceogrisea.html  . 

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Yes thanks Dave, it’s definitely one of those psathyrellas. Even with all the rain we’ve had recently I haven’t seen the first sign of a live mushroom yet besides dried polypores and jelly fungus species. Last year during Jan-March I could always find mushrooms growing most every time I went and looked. Especially winter oyster sp., enoki, deadly galerinas and a few others. I heard there has been massive amounts of lead showing up in the atmosphere for some reason, don’t know if this has any effect. I guess I better start growing them indoors if I want to keep them in my diet!

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