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Guess I better find another place to hunt

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Last year I hunted and harvested a lot of mushrooms in the woods behind our house. Normally during the summer, I’d get up and take the dog for a walk through the woods while I hunted mushrooms.  I was great because I didn’t spend any time getting there, and since I hunted it daily, I could see the progression of mushrooms fruiting.

But I just joined in with the neighbors to get our adjoining woods sprayed with Mimic. We are having a gypsy moth infestation. Egg masses on many of the trees.  I won’t harvest any mushrooms after it’s sprayed.

I have to look at some maps and figure out where to go.   May be state game lands.

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I read the company monograph and Canada’s Pest Management Regulatory Agency and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency information about Mimic.


Your forest will have significant temporary loss of all species of caterpillars for the first several weeks after spraying.

But the chemical has been shown to be toxic only to Lepidoptera (Caterpillar to moths or butterflies).

It is not toxic to anything else.

It strongly binds to soil particles until it is eliminated by microbes and chemical reactions. That could take up to 2 month.

The binding to surface debris and soil particles make it immobile in soil, with low risk of leaching into water. By extension, there is little to no permeation deep into soil to roots or mycelia.


Having read all that, I would not worry and personally, I would continue forging the same woods.

The choice is yours obviously.

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