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Mysterious bolete?

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How about an old or "off season"  Polyporus squamosus. firefox pics show large angular pores

The Albatrellus that  I have found all have very tiny, tightly spaces pores and the caps were mostly white.

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It was growing terrestrially and not from the tree (though it could have been coming from a root, I suppose) which makes me think it's not P. squamosus. On mushroom observer someone proposed Polyporus radicatus which seems like a more likely match as far as I tell. 

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I think the first photo shows Laeticutis cristata (aka. Albatrellus cristatus). https://www.fungikingdom.net/fungi-photos/basidiomycota/russulales-order/albatrellaceae-family/laeticutis-cristata-albatre.html  . Polyporus radicatus generally has a cap margin that does not become so prominently lobed, and the stalk is brownish (nearly black below if you get the whole thing). The last photo looks more like Polyprus radicatus. So, I think it's difficult to tell whether this last photo shows L. cristata or P. radicatus. It's possible both species are seen here. But, if they were all growing near the same tree, then I think L. cristata is more likely the ID as this species tends to produce groups of fruit bodies.

P. radicatus has a long (radicating) stem that extends deeply into the ground and attaches to a buried root. The context is tough, so the stem is usually not real difficult to extract. If you can examine spores at 400x then the size/shape for the two species mentioned are very different. 

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