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Laetiporus cincinnatus?


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Thanks Ladyflyfish! I confess I cooked up a tiny amount and tried it last night to no ill effect. It was quite delicious, but would you not recommend eating any more of it due to the possibility of poisonous look alikes? I did come across a caution about that, but only in one place. It is so hard to know on the internet, many are giving advice and one doesn't know their qualifications.

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It is best to take it slow and try to find a local mentor. I always figure if I learn one new wild edible per year then I'm doing good. Any more than that is a bonus. Then there is the old saying....there are old mushroom hunters and there are bold mushroom hunters, but there are no old bold mushroom hunters.

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To my knowledge, none of the L. cincinnatus look-alikes are toxic. B. berkeleyi is somewhat similar, but tends to form large overlapping semi-circluar "shelves" at the base of a tree. I sampled a bit of young B. berkeleyii once, with no ill effects. Actually, I thought it was fairly good. But I do not collect it for the table, as I try to stay with types that are widely and regularly consumed.

Carly, if there is a mushroom club in your area, then joining is a good way to learn some of the local edibles.

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