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Strange fungus needs ID


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Found a the base of a big leaf maple tree in western Washington. Unclear if it grew on the ground or fell from above. Feels heavy for size. Hard and rubbery exterior with soft and wet interior. Found with a similar specimen that was older, darker, and shaped more like a flat oval rock. Has a mild mushroom like smell. I’ve never seen anything like it in my area. What is it??? INaturalist says it’s a clam, so that’s not helpful!! 





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Looks like a Stinkhorn egg, except the inside being white is unusual. The ones I have seen have all shown either a layer of green --a precursor to the slime that coats the head-- or a red central area. The inside doesn't look quite right. But, for now I have no better idea. 

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No confident proposal for these strange things. Species of Bovista may have multi-layered exterior. But, those puffballs look different inside than these.

Ashli, are you a member of Mushroom Observer? If not and if you'd like for me to use your photos, I could create an MO observation. I could also create a post on a "members only" facebook page for mushroom ID. I will not use your photos without your permission. 

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