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ID: Cinnamon Caps?

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Found this large cluster of copper colored mushrooms with a burnt-looking spot on the cap.

Growing in a pile of decaying cypress needles and leaves and stuff.

We recently had a lot of rain here in Santa Barbara, so these are growing quickly!


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I had not previously heard the name "Cinnamon Cap" applied to a given species of mushroom. I googled "Cinnamon Cap Mushroom" and got a website that says this is a name applied to Hypholoma lateritium (aka. H. sublateritium). Here in eastern NA people call this "Brick Cap Mushroom". So-called common names can be confusing.

If you're asking if the mushrooms in the photo are Hypholoma lateritium, I think the answer is "no." H. lateritium generally has a brick-red cap color. Are there tiny scales on the caps seen in the photo? Actually, tiny amalgamations of hairs, perhaps concentrated in the centers? My guess is these mushrooms may be a species of Armillaria. But, this suggestion does not come along with high confidence. Need to know more details... see the undersides, see the entire stalks, know the spore print color. Sometimes even this much info is not enough to confidently propose a species name. 

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