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My first mushrooms

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Hi everyone , my first post here , after watching numerous videos of the legend Paul Stamets over Christmas i decided to have a quick look around a wooded area close to me for some turkey tails , heres what i found , on a fallen down oak tree  clustered together , around 1- 2 mm thick and the widest being  around 12 cm wide the pores are just visible to the eye . quite flexible  leathery feel , i have a rayburn and i plan to achieve a temp of around 100 - 120 degrees c and dry them out in there for around 24 hours , i also gathered some acorus calamus as both my nephews have just come down with covid and i intend to be the guinea pig for them , i have also just ordered this  book by Robin Harford , edible and medicinal wild plants of Britain and Ireland , i would be grateful of any advice as to whether i'm doing things right , thanks in advance !


IMG_20220103_162407_757 (2).jpg

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Is this location Manchester, UK?

Photos taken outdoors in natural light --shaded area near an open sunlit area, or in the open on a cloudy day-- tend to produce photos with more accurate color and detail.

Given the report that the thickness of these is only a couple mm, and that pores are visible on the undersides (I can't see them in the photo), I agree these are likely Trametes versicolor (Turkey Tail). There are a few other species of Trametes that resemble T. versicolor. But these other species generally produce thicker fruit bodies. 

Regarding the use of Acorus calamus, Wiki provides some reasons for concern.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Acorus_calamus

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Thank's Dave , the photos were taken inside .

Regarding the acorus calamus , i am relatively new to this , however i went foraging with my neighbours in France often over the years , it's very popular over there in the rural areas , i am always wary of government studies , it did turn into a bit of a witch hunt in the 60's with regards to certain substances and modern research is pointing towards great results , i watched this last night and it pricked my interest @ 7 mins they discuss acorus calamus and how it's been used for 1000's of years in nearly every country where it's found 


Sorry , yes Manchester in the UK 

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