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I think these are Lepista tarda, aka. Clitocybe tarda. If correct the spore print should be a pale pinkish color. Collect the print on a non-absorbent white material. This way, you will most easily se any difference from white. You may need a substantial print to see the difference from white. But, if you collect the print on a black background then it may appear to be white even if it isn't.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clitocybe_tarda

Lepista/Clitocybe tarda is related to Lepista/Clitocybe nuda, a mushroom that is edible for most people and is commonly called "Blewit". Lepista tarda is also edible, but please note that I am not completely confident about this ID proposal. Some smallish lawn-inhabiting species of genus Clitocybe are dangerously toxic. 

Nice photos! But for future reference, it's a good idea to harvest at least one mushroom and photograph the underside and entire stalk. For ID discussion we want to see the entire mushroom. Do not cut off above ground level. Instead, slide a knife into the ground under the mushroom and pop it out of the ground. This would work well for the mushrooms seen in this discussion. But, for some types it's necessary to dig fairly deeply into the ground to get the entire specimen. 

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