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First grow ever, do these pins look healthy?

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Hi all and happy new year. 

I recently purchased a Golden Oyster fruiting kit and I am attempting my first grow.  Around 36 hours ago the mycelium began to fruit.  It's looked similar to a head of cauliflower and I just wanted to check if this looks normal.  I've kept the temperature around 75F and humidity between 84-90%.  The CO2 level is unknown, hopefully they are getting enough O2.  I'm misting 2-3 times a day.

Do these pins look healthy?


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I think they ended up not getting enough O2 in the end.  I harvested a couple of days ago when they began releasing a steady cloud of spores.  The stipes were long and the caps were much smaller than normal, i think my largest caps were around 1" in diameter.  Many of the fresh pins on the top began to abort as well. 

Here's a photo a little later in their development while they were still maturing:


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They don’t look much different than the only golden oysters I grew.  I won’t grow them again.  They are becoming invasive and are extremely thin capped.  I only grow blue oysters now, as they are a good all weather species.  I’ve tried about eight different types of oysters so far.

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