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PGH PA. Lots of rain. Small, without a partial veil, the stem outer cover having the habit of splitting, growing in grass/some mulch under white pine, medium brown spore print, mild taste. Thinking A. sororia. ??1349394841_20211218_154518(3).thumb.jpg.1d64954c545481d160384fecd61aa583.jpg




20211231_135625 (2).jpg

20211231_135404 (2).jpg

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I don't think they're Laccaria.

Agrocybe is a possibility, but their caps tend to be dry.  They also tend to be more uniformly brown, and most species grow in the spring/early summer usually.

Edit: Looking at the key on MushroomExpert.com, it goes to A. sororia.  Although it doesn't have a description, the key indicates that they have a sticky cap.  I'm assuming that the younger specimens don't have a partial veil.  I think this is a good guess.  It should have a cinnamon brown spore print.  I'm not sure if that species sometimes grows in the fall.

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Champignons du Quebec does not list a season for Agrocybe sororia. I think A. sororia is probably more likely during Spring. However, some types of early season mushrooms are apt to appear late in the season during a spell of warm weather. Without support of microscopic traits I would not confidently call these Agrocybe sororia; but this looks like a reasonable proposal. 

Cyclocybe erebia --similar to Agrocybe-- is a Fall species that has a partial veil.

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