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Lactarius ?

bobby b

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Found this, 7-2-21, growing in oaks on a well drained slope. I was thinking L. rufus but that is supposed to be associated with conifers. Maybe L. quietus var. incanus. ?? Spent some time reading thru the Smith & Hesler's section Russularia. I should have taste tested it.



20210702_134114 (2).jpg

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Lactarius quietus var. incanus looks like a good fit. Gills are stained cinnamon but the latex appears to not be causing any color change. To achieve high confidence with some Lactarius IDs it is sometimes necessary to mount the spores in Melzers reagent and then assess whether or not the amyloid warts on the spores are isolated, connected, or form a reticulation. I have IDed what I believed to be L. quietus var. incanus with an extra gill surface projecting through the cap (like is seen here). 

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