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Couple of mushrooms need identifying.


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Looks like three (or more?) types of boletes.

The first one appears to have pinkish pores, which would indicate a species of Tylopilus. But the appearance of the pinkish tine may just be a result of lighting. If the pores are greenish or yellowish, then this may be a type of King Bolete, Boletus edulis complex. The stalk appears to be reticulate (netting on the surface). Is the taste of the flesh mild or bitter? Tasting a tiny bit and then spitting is safe for all types of boletes.

Second looks like a species of Suillus. The dark dots on the stalk are likely sticky/resinous.

Third one is also likely a Suillus, maybe S. lakei. Most Suillus species have sticky caps, or in some cases slimy. But a few have cap surface dry/felty.

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