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Wavy Cap


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Except for the maybe what looks like fairly wide spacing of the gills and a lack of any brownish deposit on the stalk, this reminds me of Pholiota lenta. Compare with photos seen via the link. There's a total of 24 photos; some of them show mushrooms with similarly spaced gills. 

https://www.mycoquebec.org/bas.php?trie=P&l=l&nom=Pholiota lenta / Pholiote glutineuse&tag=Pholiota lenta&gro=35

If the mushroom and the gills are actually very pale (white, but appearing tan due to lighting) then maybe compare with Hygrophorus species such as H. gliocyclus.   https://www.mykoweb.com/CAF/species/Hygrophorus_gliocyclus.html

Looking at online photos of Psilocybe cyanescens I see a few that look somewhat like the mushroom seen in this discussion. But, I still doubt this is the correct ID. 

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