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Destroying angel group ?

bobby b

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Absolutely one of the white taxa housed within section Phalloideae of genus Amanita, ie. a "Destroying Angel". Pale versions of A. brunnescens --including the species A. aestivalis-- are often mistaken for these types. But, the cuplike basal volva, white stipe with floccose deposits, and starkly white overall color make this a classic example of a DA. The yellow stain may be the result of a snail crawling on the lower stipe. I have seen snails in the act of consuming DAs (see photos). With most DA species a drop od KOH on the cap (or any other part of the mushroom) willquickly turn the white color to yellow. 

Species? Sometimes you can narrow things down with spore measurements. A. bisporigera and A. amerivirosa are two of the more common species in eastern NA.


Amanita sect. Phalloideae CpCd 8-10 B1.JPG

Amanita sect. Phalloideae CpCd 8-10 A5.JPG

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