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a walk down Main St


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This mushroom, found in the same patch of grass next to the sidewalk I believe is (coprinopsis atramentarius). I should have mentioned before. These were both spotted in lawn grass (you might have noticed).



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I am not sure what kind of tree that this cluster was found on, so I attached a photo of the foliage. (I would love to ID the tree) I am taking a guess and calling this (pholiota jahnii) --- non edible ?







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Firts two IDs --Coprinus comatus and Coprinopsis altramentarius-- look good to me.

Third collection --the white mushrooms with what appears to be white gills-- maybe a species of Leucopaxillus. Were there any trees near where these were found? Are the gills white? Gill attachment? Need to see the undersides of the mushrooms. With species of Leucopaxillus the layer of gills is easily separated from the rest of the cap. Also, knowing spore print color would be helpful. Clitocybe is another possible genus for these mushrooms.

The cluster of mushrooms in the 4th collection does look like a species of Pholiota. I'm not familiar with the species name P. jahnii. But an internet search turned up photos... mainly from eastern Europe it seems. So I'm wondering if this is a species not recorded in North America. Spore print color would be helpful here.

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Thanks Dave. I just notice that you can probably tell apart the mushrooms that I thought were appetizing from those that I thought not by the number of pictures and details captured. I am working on the spore print on the pholiota and I will gather more info on the white ones later. Thanks again!

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Thanks for the advice Dave. You have a wealth of knowledge and I am thankful for what you share...... I went back to the white cap. Gills attached and white. Clumped. I am working/waiting on a print..... back to the pholiota- print was weak but l looks brown. (I am colorblind so it could be reddish. I would ask my wife but she isn't here.) Ill just post it(bottom).




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I agree with the first 2: Coprinus Comatus and Atramentarius. As Dave says, the last looks like a Pholiota. Number 3 could be many different things, so better pics, side-view and gills as well as smell would help.


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