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What I’m growing now

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I started six bags of poppino earlier.  Pressure cooker seal failed on the last two bags(I get 2 bags at a time into it).  They didn’t get cooked.   One of those is showing signs of infection but the others five are colonizing well. First time growing them.

On the day after Thanksgiving, I started 8 buckets of blue oysters on barley straw.   My plan is to start 6 to 8 buckets each month, about the same time each month, with the goal of being able to harvest oysters all year long. Figure they should start producing right after New Years.

Today I’m pressure cooking eight bags of masters mix.  Six done, last two in pressure cooker.  Will inoculate them tomorrow with chestnut mushrooms.  

Sometime before Christmas, I want to do eight bags of Lions Mane, and about February I need to get some oak logs to use up the bag of Shiitake that I have in the basement fridge.  Will do other bags of both lions mane and chestnut.

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