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matsutake mushroom?

Jeremy G

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Hi Folks.

Was hiking at 3500' in the Oregon Cascade foothills among Doug Fir, Red Cedar and mix of Alder and Maple and came across these. I think its matsutake mushroom's that are mature...but I've never picked them before, so was hoping for another set of eyes for confirmation.


They have a distinctive pine smell.

I have not taken a spore print yet...






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It looks like the Matsutakes that I find; the smell is key.  Also, it should have a very hard stem, if not riddled with wormholes.

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The stem is indeed hard - very solid. Smell has the spicy fragrant aroma and unique smell; the aroma is so unique you want to keep smelling it and smelling it because its like no other mushroom. I was 99% sure it was Matsutake...but was looking for that extra re-assurance 🙂

The picture was one of the better ones in the mix. Most were getting pretty old and past their prime. I know where to go next year a little bit earlier 🙂



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