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distinguishing between phellinus species

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Indeed, looks like a Phellinus.  

But which one, I'm not sure. Knowing which species of tree it's growing on is likely essential for identification.   

I use the book "Les Champignons des Arbres de l'Est de L'Amerique de Nord" by B. Boulet for IDing polypores, and it had 8 species of Phellinus.  Great book.  However, rather poorly organized.  The index only has species name and you can't search by genus.  Also, it directs to you the page with the photo, and not the description.  Valuable resource, but very poorly organized.  Unfortunate.   Otherwise the descriptions are more detailed than any other guide I've encountered.  The keys are fantastic.  Just wish the index was better.

 Also, it's in French, which obviously would be a huge stepping stone for many (most?) people.   haha.  I don't know why I'm mentioning this book that would be useless for most people.

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There's a new NA polypore field guide authored by the Bessettes and Diana Smith  https://utpress.utexas.edu/books/bessette-smith-polypores . I haven't yet purchased a copy, but I'll soon get one (next Amazon order). 

For the photos seen here, P. igniarius looks like a possibility  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phellinus_igniarius . But, like Calvert said, there are others that have similar appearance and knowing the type of wood may help... although there are some species of Phellinus that are usually host-specific but can uncommonly be found on types of trees other than the typical host. 

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