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As found in a pot inside my home


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These are small mushrooms which I noticed this afternoon growing beneath the leaves of my Fern Davalia. They are about 2cm in length. Could someone please help me in identifying these mushrooms. I'm quite curious as to whether they are safe to let be, or should I eradicate them from the pot. The pot with the plant, and now the mushrooms, are right next to my bed in my room. Do the mushrooms pose any threat?

The only thing I've added to the pot recently is a piece of moss I found outside which fell from the gutter of my house. I suspect this is the origin.


Thanks in advance.



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It looks like Coprinopsis lagopus (or one of a handful of very similar species).  

There is no threat.  It's just quietly decomposing dead organic matter in the soil, and improving the soils health.   If you're concerned with breathing spores, don't be.  You're breathing an amount of spores all the time, and one little mushroom isn't going to change that significantly.  (The problem with breathing spores is generally only with people that work in mushroom cultivation, where there are thousands of mushrooms in a small space).

It's very common to have various mushrooms popping up in house plants, particularly after watering.  There were probably a handful of species living in the soil already when you aquired the soil/plant.

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