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Mushrooms Resembling Psilocybe Cubensis but Not

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I tried to classify these using "All That the Rain Promises and More..." to no avail. After pouring over Google images the only similar ones I can find are Psilocybe cubensis but these never blue. These mushrooms are the species most abundant on my lot in Fair Oaks, California, near Sacramento, growing among maple leaves at the edge of my lawn, coming up in these first rains of the fall. These mushrooms are small, less than two inches in diameter and flat when mature. Gills are light brown and spores a rich brown, as you can see, and the stalks have no ring or volva, as you can also see. They fall over easily and easily detach from the stem, but the stem is not crisp. Pulling it apart reveals a hollow core. The tops are brittle but have no perceptible smell. Even though these mushrooms are small to eat, I would like to know what they are due to their ubiquity. Thank you for your expertise.





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I think they're a species of Psathyrella, which actually doesn't narrow things down. Lots of species in genus Psathyrella. If correct, the stalks should be fairly fragile/easily-broken. Species of genus Leratiomyces are somewhat similar in appearance, although Leratiomyces mushrooms do not have striate (radially lined) cap margins as appears to be the case here. 

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