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Unknown #6


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There are a few species in section Validae that look like this. Although the cap margin appears to feature striations (grooves). Sometimes Validae species like A. flavoconia develop pseudo-striations (not an innate feature; caused when the cap cuticle dries out and constricts along the lines of the gills). True striations would imply either section Amanita or section Caesareae. (The annulus+color rules out section Vaginatae.) One possibility other than Validae would be A. frostiana (section Amanita). This may be settled by seeing the base of the stalk. IDing Amanita mushrooms often requires that one dig up the entire fruit body and note all associated features. But, even after seeing the stipe base it's sometimes difficult to be confident about flavoconia vs. frostiana. In that case you need a spore print and Melzer's reagent (to test for amyloidity of spores); the latter is very difficult to obtain... section Validae, amyloid; section Amanita, not amyloid.

Okay... that's quite a bit of info to process. My best guess...? A. flavoconia with pseudo-striations along the cap margin.  

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