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Help with identifying these 2 mushrooms

Magic cap

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Location:South-Western Ohio

we found the red and yellow ones in this patch of these little clover things in our yard between two maples (theres also a tree line nearby maybe 10 ft) but the white ones we found in clump and clusters by a bunch of dead limbs and tree stumps in a nother tree line, and i was just wondering the species and if they were edible also the red ones have a bluish bruising on them (we think theyre bicolored boletes)











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Magic cap, a note about outdoor photos. Pictures taken in direct sunlight, or where sunlight and shade transition within the frame, tend to get washed out from the glare of the sunlight. Finding a happy medium between too much and too little light is a bit of an art. Try moving to an area that's shaded but still has good ambient lighting.

The cluster of white mushrooms looks like coprinoid mushrooms. This is the technical term for "Inky Caps." These types turn into an inky black liquid as they decompose. I need to see additional features with more clarity before making a more specific proposal.

The red/yellow bolete is likely not B. bicolor. Although this was not a bad proposal... in the ballpark, you might say. But I can see the tubes (layer of material comprising the underside) is fairly thick, probably as thick as the material comprising the top portion of the cap. You may examine these features by looking at a vertical cross-section of a cap. I think a likely ID for your boletes is Boletus campestris. B. fraternus and B. rubellus are two other very similar species.

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