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Infected Indigo Milkcap ?

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EDIT : I just found something with a matching photo to my milk caps, it says this is hypomyces lateritius parasitizing the indigo. I can barely find much more info online in the brief search I did. 


Hi there! Here are some indigo milk caps I encountered a few days ago when they were tiny caps just starting to show through the grass and moss.

Today I come to scoop them up and they are almost all taken over by some parasite (?) that has warped the caps and disguised the gills. Some still show the gills as you can see.

I haven’t had a ton of encounters with milk caps so I’m unsure if this is normal or should be avoided or what. Can I eat them? I’m not going to but I want to find out for future reference. 

These are in an area where a TON of amanitas grow — a lot of those are being taken over by a white fuzzy mold today. (LAST PIC) I don’t know if it’s related to the milkcap issue, as I saw a variety of other mushrooms being taken over by the same white fuzz in other areas. 










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Yes, that's Hypomyces lateritius.  It favours L. indigo, and the orange latex coloured Milk Caps (L. deterrimus, L. thyinos, etc.)

They're not edible once they've been colonized.  What's on the Amanita is different; I don't think it's Hypomyces

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