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The Puffball Story


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My dream to get out of the city drove me to build a house on top of a hill in Central Maine. I had fill trucked in to backfill the foundation and a driveway to get up there also had material trucked in and topped off with crusher dust. One of the first myco things I noticed was an abundance of puffballs both spring and fall. They are small, a large one might be the size of an apple but most are the size of a golf ball or smaller. It took years to figure out that they grew mostly in the fill and crusher dust. Recently the idea of trying to grow puffballs in this substrate came to mind. Of coarse I would be trying to grow Giant Puffballs instead of the smaller variety. I might just spore up some substrate and see what happens. The project was built on a hill with such a grade a lot of material washes down the hill and comes to rest in pools then drys out, then Bam! Puffballs! Although these pics are of puffballs "gone by" it demonstrates how the flooding action has been working. I included a pic of some of them in better shape.







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