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Two Labs at two years old have me now walking in the woods behind our house twice a day. There is a trail I follow with one dog at a time. This has led to rekindle my interest in mushrooms. I have been able to see them emerge and degrade as the season moves on. It's exciting to see them pop out of the forest floor and continue to flush till they're spent. Sparsely educated about wild mushrooms I have been able to identify a few flushes of aminita muscaria and several types of boletes, Not known of what type there are. Today I took some time and spent an hour off trail in the woods with Moose the dog and came across what seemed truely magical. Huge flushes of aminita and boletes everywhere! The aminita were  stunning. Early mushrooms just beginning to pop to larger mushrooms with 7" caps that got so big they fell over. Moving along I could see new patches from 50 yards away in the deep woods. Next time out I'll see if I can get some pics.

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