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Could my Chicken of the Woods be contaminated?


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Hi all,

I'm a very novice forager - I only feel confident in identifying chicken of the woods and morels - and I noticed there were some other mushrooms growing amongst the chicken of the woods I picked today.  Not knowing if these are toxic or not, I'm wondering if I need to be worried about the chicken of the woods having been contaminated by these other mushrooms?  Is it possible for chicken of the woods to absorb toxins from other fungi touching them or growing from the same stump?  I've attached pictures of the other mushrooms here.

Thanks in advance!



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Short answer is no, toxins don't transfer between mushrooms. You have nothing to fear from mushrooms growing near the mushrooms you pick. To be poisoned by a mushroom you have to consume it. It perfectly safe to touch every mushroom. It's even safe to chew up and spit out the most deadly of mushrooms.

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