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Log issues

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I imagine this is a new issue for growing mushrooms on logs.  I made up a mix of log and spawn types; total of 50 logs.  We piled them in a dark part of the woods where it always stays moist near the lake.  I had 4 perfect stacks and after 1 week in the woods I came back to find 12 logs missing, and another 3 or 4 half chewed apart.

I don't get along with beavers at the best of times; but this one really boiled my blood.  I'm surprised they wood eat them when covered in so much paraffin wax.


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Maybe your paraffin had residual tasty odors if it was made from a biological source (not petrochemical).

Maybe your spawn material was appealingly smelly or tasty. The first time I spawned shiitake into logs, I used a sawdust based mix. Even with a wax painted cap, ants pulled away the cap and hauled away the spawn material all summer.

Maybe beaver just like maple logs layed out in a buffet type dinner situation.

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It was spring when the thieving beavers came by.  They tasted a couple of the maple and oak, but there are 15 completely bare poplar logs floating around in the lake; quite obviously their favorite.  They even pulled all the poplar chunks out of my firewood pile and now there are completely bare pieces of firewood floating around the lake.

Why cut a tree down with your teeth when someone can do it for you with a chainsaw?

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