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Strobilurus or something else?


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Edit:  I returned and pulled a couple of these.  Pretty certain they are Strobilurus genus of some sort.  Still curious of opinion, but certainly not psilocybe and don't believe to be a little brown.  Thus, modified my title and adding pics of the two picked specimen.

Being no expert, I've always found fungi interesting.  Never pick, just photograph and catalog.  Thus, I'm an amateur and use several tools to determine possible species.  I have found many psilocybe based, never took home.  These had me curious, as they are vastly abundant after rains growing on pine straw and dead leaves.  May not be either of the genus I listed, but close as I have come to identifying them.  Any ideas?  Either way, their location and abundance are safe as they'll be left alone.  Lol







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  • LostInSpac3 changed the title to Strobilurus or something else?

Strobilurus mushrooms grow on cones of coniferous trees. The ones seen here appear to have stalks with very short hairs. Maybe a species of Marasmiellus? The smaller the mushroom the more likely the ID will be challenging... except in cases where there is a very distinctive trait to point out. 

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Ah, good point and ty!  These are about twice the size of the others I had posted 1st post and they literally grow im abundance were a lot of straw (pine and hay) is laid which is likely not native to the local trees growing which are mostly oaks and a few white pines.

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