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Shelf fungus


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Hi there! Found these all near each other in an area of our mixed forest with a ton of downed trees, branches, rotting logs, etc. 

#1 was by itself, #2 and #3 were on the same log 

It was raining so I’m unsure if the shiny surface is naturally slick or just wet. 

Just a few feet away from these was a stump with 3 big rotten, grubby possible reishis — too advanced decay for me to positively identify. But they were deep maroon on top w the typical fan sprouting off a thick stem shelf-shape. 


Western New York — long cold winters, HUMID summers — pine, oak, hemlock, maple, beech, ash, spruce, birch — thank you! 








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6 hours ago, Dave W said:

Seeing the polypore sectioned may help. Does the pore surface bruise? That is, if you scratch the pore surface does the color change? Possibly to dark brown? 

I think the shiny one may be Ganoderma sessile and the other one G. applanatum. 

You know what, I didn’t even try to scratch them — will check back later on the growth in a few days.  

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