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Have about 30 of these coming up

Kevin Hoover

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Probably one of Chlorophyllum rhacodes, C. brunneum, or C. olivieri. These are the NA species of white-spored "Shaggy Parasols". As suggested, a slice through the stem base often --but not always-- causes the flesh to stain orangish or pinkish. The best way to assess the ID here is to get  spore print. The green-spored parasol (C. molybdites) is toxic. 

Caps of white-spores Chlorophyllum mushrooms are considered to be edible. Stems are kinda tough/fibrous. But, some people are apparently allergic to Shaggy Parasols. There are a few reports of bad reactions, even for the white-spored varieties. Similar-looking Lepiota mushrooms are much smaller and more fragile than Chlorophyllum. Some of these white-spored species (Lepiota) are toxic, a few dangerously so. Old field guides list the large parasols as species of Lepiota. 

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