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Can wine caps be cooked and frozen?

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I have successfully fried and frozen Wine Caps, S. rugosoannulata.

Fry until all the released water is evaporated. I use butter, but any cooking oil would likely be OK. I also lightly salt them as they go into the pan. I prefer just a wee bit of browning on the mushroom pieces so I stir and fry a bit longer for that effect. It is personal preference.

The critical step is to get all the excess water out of them. That way they do not change texture after being frozen. I store in either vacuum sealed bags or Tupperware food containers. Very handy for cooking in winter. Texture and taste is perfect.

Other mushrooms I have done like this include: Honey, Porcini, various boletes--Yellow, Orange Cap, Grey Cap, various Leccinum, Blewits, Chanterelle and Lobster

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